Door Stripping London

Paint Stripping Service London - wooden furniture & doors - pine, mahogany etc

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Wooden Door & Furniture Stripping & Restoration


The doors / furniture etc are stripped of paint, varnish etc in heated tanks by our experienced staff.

We use a specially formulated blend of Sodium Hydroxide to do this.

The door is then rinsed with fresh clean water using high powered jet washers.

If necessary our staff then take the time to remove any remaining paint residue by hand for a perfect finish.

We also then offer the option to neutralise your item.

Sodium Hydroxide is alkaline in nature so we recommend it be neutralised to render your item to a neutral PH level.

The item is then left to dry naturally and then placed in our de-humidifer to finish the drying process.

Door & Furniture Sanding & Waxing

Once your item has been stripped we offer a sanding and waxing service.

This option gives superb results in the full restoration of your item.

We can provide a wide range of finishes - please contact us to discuss the options.

We offer a same day service on external doors. Your door will be collected first thing in the morning and returned to you completely restored - the same day.

Hand Stripping

This method is ideal for hard woods including

- mahogany, and
- oak

and is also suitable for furniture that has been coated in certain varnishes.

Prices are quoted on viewing the item.
hand stripping

Cast Iron / Slate Fireplace Restoration

Once we have stripped the fireplace we can repair, blacken and polish it.

All work is undertaken in our workshop by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring fabulous results.