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Door & Furniture Paint Stripping, Fireplace Restoration - London, Middlesex, Essex

Welcome to London Door Stripping

Strippers (formerly known as London Door Strippers) have been established in London since 1973. Our experience, knowledge and customer focus ensure the very best service and results in all your paint stripping and restoration needs. We provide a superior service with the reassurance you can contact us on our registered business landline telephone number and that we are open to our customers 6 days a week.

We specialise in a professional and full restoration service on a comprehensive range of wooden, cast iron and slate items including

Wooden Doors - dipped, stripped and finished by hand - we also offer a full hand stripping service for mahogany, oak and other hard woods.
Wooden Furniture
• Antique / Victorian Fireplaces (wooden, cast iron and slate)
Garden Furniture
• Miscellaneous Architectural Items

Our service is also an important way of helping the environment. By restoring your doors and furniture we are helping with woodland conservation. It also is a vital way of preserving British Heritage.

A collection and delivery service is available. Please call or email our friendly staff who are happy to deal with any enquiry.

Water based painted items it might not be efficiently stripped just by the dipping process.They might need a further service of hand stripping,please take a look at the price list section.

Please note glass panelled doors and items can be stripped but there is a small risk they can crack during dipping process due to it's nature.However extra caution is being taken and 9 out of 10 items turn out fine.
Minimum charge for orders of one item is 25.00 and 25.00 collection and delivery service.

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